10 Steps for Post-Holiday Storage by Clarkston Cleaning Services

Holiday decorations sitting next to storage totes

10 Steps for Post-Holiday Storage by Clarkston Cleaning Services

As the holiday festivities wind down, it’s time to bid farewell to the glittering decorations that adorned our homes. Transitioning from the joyous chaos of the holidays to the peaceful serenity of a well-organized space is made easier with these 10 steps from Clarkston Cleaning Services. Say goodbye to clutter and welcome a neatly stored and stress-free home.

Evaluate and Plan Storage Needs:

Start by taking stock of your holiday decorations. Assess what you have and determine the number of storage bins needed to house your festive items. This step lays the groundwork for an efficient and organized storage process.

Categorize by Theme and Type:

Group your decorations by theme or holiday, then categorize them by type. This systematic approach ensures that retrieving specific items next year will be a breeze, saving you time and effort.

Discard Expired or Unused Items:

Before packing away your holiday treasures, assess each item’s condition. Dispose of any expired or damaged decorations, and consider parting with items that no longer align with your festive vision. Clearing out the unnecessary ensures a clutter-free storage space.

Use Uniform Storage Containers:

Opt for storage bins of the same size and shape. This uniformity makes stacking easy, maximizing your storage space and creating a visually cohesive storage area.

Label with Precision:

Label each storage bin with clear and descriptive tags indicating the holiday or theme it holds. This labeling strategy simplifies the retrieval process and prevents unnecessary rummaging through boxes.

Color-Coded Organization:

Consider using different colored bins for distinct holidays or themes. This visual cue adds an extra layer of organization, making it even simpler to identify the right decorations when the season rolls around again.

Store Seasonal Linens Separately:

If your holiday decorations include linens, store them separately from other items. Ensure they are clean and dry before packing to prevent any potential damage during storage.

Mindful Placement for Frequency of Use:

Place bins containing items you use more frequently in an easily accessible location. Reserve less accessible spots for those decorations that only see the light of day once a year.

Preserve Fragile Items:

Take extra care when packing fragile decorations. Wrap delicate ornaments in tissue paper, bubble wrap, or soft fabric to protect them from damage during the storage period.

Neatly Pack for Future Joy:

As you stow away your decorations, take the time to pack them neatly. Wrap lights carefully, secure ornaments, and ensure everything is well-organized. This attention to detail ensures a smooth and delightful decorating experience when the next holiday season arrives.

We hope this 10-step post-holiday storage guide helps prepare your home for a wonderful new year. For a seamless transition, consider reaching out to Clarkston Cleaning Services for all of your house cleaning needs. Let the post-holiday season be a time of serenity and order in your beautifully cleaned and well-organized home.


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