5 Spring Cleaning Tips To Help You Conquer Spring Cleaning Week

5 Spring Cleaning Tips To Help You Conquer Spring Cleaning Week

While you may not hear many people celebrating that it is near, we are excited that National Spring Cleaning Week is just around the corner! Every fourth Sunday in March marks the occasion, and we are coming at you with our best spring cleaning tips!

If this isn’t a task you want to tackle on your own, we provide reinforcements to areas around Oxford, Ortonville, and Rochester, MI. Our cleaning services will have you set up for the warmer months ahead. And if you do plan to go it alone, review our best tips below!

Make a Schedule

Spring cleaning is not something that you’ll tackle in a short period. To avoid getting overwhelmed and frustrated with the process, make a cleaning schedule. Giving yourself a room or two per day to clean to completion can help you avoid burnout and save your body some pain from the rigorous cleaning!

Organize and Clear the Clutter

We all know that our tastes and hobbies change throughout the years. However, we also need to remember it isn’t necessary to hold onto all the memorabilia from past ventures and clothes that have long been outgrown. National Spring Cleaning Week is the perfect time to sort through all the clutter and organize it neatly where it belongs.

Tackle the Seasonal Chores

While you may walk into a room and immediately see the clothes that need folding, or the dishes that need doing, be sure that you focus first on the things that need to be done seasonally. While the other items will also need to happen, spring cleaning is the time to focus on the chores you couldn’t accomplish while it was cold. Therefore, put your immediate focus on cleaning windows and airing out the house!

Clean Room by Room 

Another way to avoid burnout is to go one room at a time. Be sure to reference our cleaning list to help you cover all of your bases in each type of room in your home. If there is a takeaway from any of our spring cleaning tips, let it be not to cram everything into a short period. Do one room at a time and use a schedule to preserve your energy.

Always Work from Top to Bottom

When was the last time you got rid of the cobwebs in the corners of your bathroom? So often, we are focused on what we immediately see that the things out of our view aren’t attended to regularly. When spring cleaning, be sure to work from the top of the room to the bottom. This strategy will help you tackle the infrequent tasks often pushed to the side.

In Summary

With National Spring Cleaning Week just around the corner, we felt inclined to share our best spring cleaning tips. However, if this is something you don’t have time for, we offer a Spring Cleaning Package and would be happy to get the job done for you.

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5 Spring Cleaning Tips To Help You Conquer Spring Cleaning Week, 5 Spring Cleaning Tips To Help You Conquer Spring Cleaning Week, 5 Spring Cleaning Tips To Help You Conquer Spring Cleaning Week

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