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Getting Ready for Guests

A Clean House House For The Holidays, A Clean House House For The Holidays, A Clean House House For The Holidays

Oh, the holidays are upon us! If you have family or friends (hopefully) coming to visit, it’s time to get ready for guests!  There’s food to plan and shop for, cleaning to be done, and decorations to hang.  Busy, busy, busy!

Out of Towners

How many are coming? Whether it’s family or friends, having a number is a good first step.  How long are they staying?  Are more people coming after them? Planning is key, so let’s get a checklist going:

  • What are the dates of their stay? Are they staying with your family or elsewhere?
    • Do you need an air mattress or extra sleeping space? You might need to do some rearranging.
    • Do you need to borrow blankets and pillows from a neighbor?
  • How many kids? And their ages?
    • Do you need games and toys that get them up and moving? Having them all crowded around the TV playing video games isn’t a good idea, though that’s probably what they will want to do.
    • Will the kids be bunking with your kids? You might need to do a good sorting to make room!
  • Grown-ups…do you have enough spare bedrooms for them? Are all the linens fresh? Are there any special needs you might need to plan on?


The holidays with family tend to be fairly laid back.  Fuss enough so you can relax with them and not worry about if the bathrooms are scrubbed, but not so much that you’re stressed out.  This year has been a doozy anyway! Now is probably a good time to hire help with the cleaning. (Call early to get your ideal spot!  We fill up quickly this time of year!)  While they clean you can get ready for your guests by:

  • Cleaning out and making room in the fridge.
  • Organizing the pantry and food cabinets
  • Make sure you have enough dishes, or paper plates, napkins, and utensils.
  • If your family drinks adult beverages, stock up now (prices are great around the holidays!) at your favorite neighborhood liquor store.


Food, Food, Food!

No DOUBT the food bill is going to be a whopper and eating out is probably not an option with the pandemic. Hopefully, the guests will pitch in, but still…you want everyone to have snacks and satisfying meals, as well.  Things to consider:

  • Is this a big party…or a week-long gathering of loved ones?
  • Does anyone have special dietary needs? Do you need to ask about specialty foodstuffs like vegan or vegetarian options, so they feel included?  These kinds of foods are pretty readily available now.  They will appreciate your attention.
  • On the other hand, there are food allergies that you might need to be aware of and avoid as well. Having an illness or medical emergency can ruin a good gathering.
  • Somewhere in the middle is food for a crowd. The people-pleasing fare that is easy for you in the kitchen but delights all who are there to enjoy.

Fill in with treats and snacks that will remind them why YOU are the best relative to visit during the holidays.  Relaaaaax and enjoy it!!


Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@krakenimages

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