How Do I Hire The Best Cleaning Service For My Home?

Hiring someone (or a few people) come in and clean your home can be stressful – after all, you are opening up your home to people you don’t know and trusting them to care for your home thoroughly but efficiently, leaving nothing damaged and taking nothing that isn’t theirs. 

Whether you ‘re interested in a long-term contract or you want a one-off deep cleaning for the spring or after school starts, these concerns (and many others) are valid. You want a professional cleaning service that is reliable, honest, and consistent, right? 

Today, we will offer you the tips you need to find the best cleaning service for your needs.

#1: Set Clear Expectations About Your Cleaning Needs/Wants BEFORE Looking for A Service

Are you looking for a one-off, super-deep-cleaning when you are moving in or out of a house? A once-a-month deep clean? Weekly or bi-monthly maintenance? Do you have specific tasks you want the service to handle, such as cleaning interior windows, dusting hard to reach places, or scrubbing tubs and tile? 

Some providers offer a set list of tasks they fulfill each time, some change depending on your requests, and some charge additional fees for special services. Knowing exactly what cleaning tasks you are looking to have done and how often you need services performed will help you find the right service without wasting your time on companies that may not even offer the services or the frequency you need.

#2: Ask For Referrals, Check References, Read Reviews (But Be Wary)

In today’s “connected” world, it’s easier than ever to ask for referrals to find home service providers and easy to find online reviews. Ask around on neighborhood groups via Facebook or NextDoor for recommendations for a cleaning service that suits your specific needs and services your area. 

Getting references and recommendations from people you know have used a service and are happy with the quality and price they have experienced is a great way to find a cleaning service you will want to look into further. 

Be wary when reading reviews and ratings online through services like Yelp, Google Reviews, and Facebook Reviews, though. Online reviews can be very skewed, as some companies “pay” people for a 5-star, glowing review with discounts and free services. 

On the other hand, some people only seek out review sites when they have a “bone to pick,” unhappy folks tend to turn into keyboard warriors with a mission to make sure everyone knows about their bad experiences. 

With this in mind, when looking at the reviews, remember that a few poor reviews are totally expected. Realize that a 100% perfect, 5-star, does-no-wrong reputation may be skewed, and take the time to really read the negatives. Are there so many that it sends up red flags in your mind or is it one or two that may have had a bad day or overlooked something? 

hiring house cleaning service

#3: Find Out What Services Are Offered – Are There Premiums?

Once you have chosen a few companies to contact, you’ll want to inquire about the level of detail they offer. Every company will have different policies on what is offered as a standard and they may charge additional fees to customize or add additional services. 

Some companies will come in with a specific checklist each time, with no variance from one visit to the next. Others will have a rotation of tasks that will be performed at different visits. Be sure you are aware of what services are offered and what extra fees you may be charged if you add additional services.

#4: Ask For Documentation

What happens if someone breaks something while cleaning your home? What happens if someone gets hurt? What if someone takes something of value from your home? If the cleaning service you choose isn’t properly bonded and insured, you may be the one responsible. 

A reliable cleaning company will offer this information without question and provide policy information upon your request. Having the peace of mind that the company you have coming into your home will be able to cover things if something were to happen is worth the potentially higher rates they may charge over a non-insured company.

#5: Ask About The Team Members – Training & Screening?

Not only are you trusting these folks to come to your home and clean it thoroughly, you also want to be sure they are doing so in a way that is safe for your surfaces, for you, and for them. Ask the company about what sort of training their employees receive before they go out into the field. 

Also, you want a company that hires only honest, trustworthy employees, so it is a good idea to ask about their screening process for new hires. A quality cleaning company will have well-trained employees who have passed background checks and screenings. 

With a trustworthy company that hires reliable employees, you should be able to give them access to your home when you are not there, have them clean and close up without worry— no having to stick around waiting for them to arrive and awkwardly shuffling yourself out of the way while they clean.

#6: Is Satisfaction Guaranteed?

A quality company will stand behind the work performed and make things right within a reasonable span of time. If you are unhappy with the cleaning performed and voice your concern, the company should send someone to touch-up clean or offer some sort of compensation ASAP. 

Ask about how things are handled if something gets damaged or broken. Accidents happen, and even the most careful of cleaners may break or damage something while they work. Ask beforehand how the company handles these types of situations so there are no surprises if this situation does arise. 

Look No Further than Clarkston Cleaning Services

If you are looking for this high level of service with flexible service offerings in the Waterford, Commerce, Bloomfield, Clarkston, or Rochester area, then connect with us at Clarkston Cleaning Services. Get a realistic estimate for the services you need with our no-hassle, online instant quote calculator today!

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How Much House Cleaning Services Cost in the State of Michigan

Everyone wants a clean house to come home to at the end of a long day. However, cleaning your home is one of the last things you want to do after a busy day of work and family responsibilities. For many people, this is quite a conundrum. However, the solution is simple: hire house cleaning services! For the right price, you can pay someone else to clean your Michigan home for you so you can enjoy all the benefits of a healthy, clean home without stressing yourself out.

That leaves the question though of how much do house cleaning services cost in Michigan? Unfortunately, there isn’t a straightforward answer to that. While you could request quotes from multiple housekeeping companies in your area and price compare, you also have to weigh the true value of their services.

Not all cleaning services are equal. What you really want is a service that fits both your needs and budget without cutting corners or overcharging for services rendered. Here we break down everything you need to know about house cleaning prices so you are better prepared to compare and pick from the house cleaning companies in your area.

Know What You’re Working With

Few cleaning companies charge flat fees for their work. Instead, the price you pay is usually based on a number of factors such as the size of the space you want cleaned, the frequency of cleanings, and if you want additional services such as windows, fireplaces, appliances, or high spots cleaned. If you are outside of a company’s normal service area, you may also face a travel fee.

Knowing all of your needs and special accommodations will help you better anticipate house cleaning costs and give accurate information when you request quotes. It will also help you have a clearer picture of what kind of services you will require.

How Rates Are Determined

Some house cleaners might advertise their general rates online, but most require that you request a quote. That’s because they want to know everything about your house and the cleaning it requires so they can calculate an appropriate rate based on the factors we mentioned above and others that they control.

For instance, a common factor that will affect the final rate you’re quoted is if a single person or a two-person team will be cleaning your house. If it’s a single person, such as an independent contractor, it will take them longer to do the job, but they will probably charge less because they are capable of less. A pair of cleaners, like what cleaning companies usually send, can do the job in less time, but may charge more because they will be more efficient.  

Residential cleaning rates are usually charged by the hour or by square foot. Usually, you will be charged hourly for quick jobs like a small home or area of a house. Larger areas and whole houses that take more time may get charged by the square foot. Keep this in mind when you compare local cleaning services to make sure you get a fair price.

There may also be a few other factors to consider when calculating house cleaning costs, such as the condition of your home or the variety of surfaces to clean. Some homes are just harder to clean and you may incur a higher rate if that’s the case with your house.

For example, if your house sustains a lot of extra dirt, stains, pet hair or lots of knick-knacks, they might charge more to cover the additional time to dust and products required to clean up after your furry friends. The same goes for homes where the cleaning crew must bring extra supplies or switch between products and equipment often to properly maintain multiple types of surface materials.

Some of these factors you can plan for when you request quotes for house cleaning prices, but feel free to ask for a break down of those costs if you feel a quote is unusually high for your house. There may be a factor you haven’t thought of yet, or that cleaner just may not be a good fit for you. It doesn’t hurt to negotiate a little though if you really like what a service is offering otherwise.

House Cleaning Cost

You Get What You Pay For

Everyone wants a good deal, but don’t sell yourself short by going with a service just because they have the lowest house cleaning costs. If they skimp on the price, they might also skimp on your service; you may not get the quality cleaning you’re looking for. That’s why it’s important to look at what you’re actually getting for your money when you compare house cleaning prices.

To determine the real value of any house cleaning service, look at everything offered in the cleaning package and from the business as a whole. That includes what kind of services they offer and the extent of their customer service, everything from how they interact with clients to any perks they offer.

Many professional cleaning services are upfront about what tasks are included in their cleaning plans so you can pick one that includes chores you want done. You can also pick a service that offers any add-on jobs that you are interested in so you get the kind of cleaning you need instead of going with a cheaper service that is limited in their offerings.

You should also consider how their business is run. Are they reliable? What’s their reputation around the community? If a crew member can’t work, do they have backups or will you be forced to skip a cleaning? Are they bonded and insured so you don’t incur any liability in the event of an accident or theft? Do they keep a fully staffed office to communicate with clients? Do they bring their own supplies? Do they offer any sort of satisfaction guarantee in case you aren’t pleased with their work?

It’s the little things like these that can set the great cleaners apart from the mediocre. Sure, the better ones might charge more, but you’re more likely to get what you want from the experience if you’re willing to pay a little extra.

Actual House Cleaning Costs

So now that we’ve looked at how house cleaning services are priced, what are the actual numbers?

Of course, this differs from state to state, but on average you’re looking at anywhere from $25-$50 per cleaning person per man-hour. Where typical house cleaning prices fall in that range in your community will depend on general living costs compared to national averages.

Don’t Shortchange Yourself

It’s tempting to go with the cleaning service that offers the lowest rate, but do you and your home deserve second-rate service? That’s the risk you run when you go with the cheapest offer. When you invite a cleaning crew into your home, you need to know that you can trust them to do the very best job possible and make what you pay them worth it.

If you’re struggling to find professional house cleaning services at the right price for your Michigan home, look no further than Clarkston Cleaning Services. Our team provides a variety of house cleaning packages to fit every family’s cleaning needs so you spend more time playing and less time stressing! Request a quote today and discover why it’s worth investing in the best house cleaning services around!

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Oxford MI Maid Service

Oxford MI Maid Service – Clarkston Cleaning Services (248) 620-9410

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5 Reasons to Hire a Maid Service

Oxford MI Maid ServiceOne of the biggest burdens for a homeowner is cleaning the house. You may dread the thought of spending the entire day vacuuming, dusting, scouring bathrooms, and scrubbing floors. We all live busy lives. Between work, school, kid’s activities and family commitments this chore usually falls to the bottom of the list. Hiring a professional cleaning service may be the best solution. And, surprisingly, it is more affordable than you think. However, there are many reasons to hire a maid service.


When you hire a cleaning service it allows you to schedule services when it is most convenient for you and your family. Teams are available seven days a week. What’s more, when you participate in a regular service contract you will be reassured your home will always be clean and sanitized.


Professional cleaners are experienced in the best methods and products to clean even the toughest dirt away. They know the most suitable tools for any task. Because they are the experts they possess the skills and training to achieve the best results possible. You can expect your home to be as clean, or even cleaner than if you had completed the job yourself!

Detail Oriented

You may not always remember, to clean between every crack and crevice, most of the time only focusing the surface. However, the professionals attend to every detail including window blinds, baseboards, ceiling vents and fans, even the area behind the toilets. When you hire a service you can expect that every inch of your home receives the attention it deserves.

Saves Time

Who wouldn’t want more time to spend with friends and family? Free up your schedule for doing the activities that you love. Hire a house cleaner and you will have time for the things that are important. You will never have to spend precious time off in the evenings or weekends completing theses chores.

Healthier Home

A cleaner home is a healthier home. Maid Healthy provides the three top industry services that have the highest impact on indoor air quality. We offer contracts combining air duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, and maid services, all aimed at improving the air you breathe. Our team also uses the most environmentally friendly products available. It is our mission to use the highest quality products that are the safest for your home.

For an experienced and trusted Oxford MI Maid Service, please call Clarkston Cleaning Services at (248) 620-9410 for a free cleaning quote.

source: maidhealthy.biz

Lake Orion MI House Cleaning

Lake Orion MI House Cleaning – Clarkston Cleaning Service (248) 620-9410

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5 Biggest Cleaning Myths

1. Myth: If One Product is Good, Two Must be Better.

Mixing cleaning products without at least a little basic chemistry knowledge can actually have deadly consequences. Here are a few major no-nos:

  • Vinegar and Bleach
  • Ammonia and Bleach
  • Detergents and Disinfectants that Contain Quaternary Ammonia

In short, acidic products, like vinegar, should never be mixed with alkali products, like bleach. Even combining one brand of bleach with another can be dangerous. When it doubt, stick to one product.

2. Myth: DIY Cleaning Products are Always Better.

Now, to be clear, we’re not knockin’ on nautral or DIY cleaning products. Nor are we throwing our support behind harsh, commercial cleaners. The problem, though, is that DIY cleaners can be ineffective at best, or toxic at worst. The big problem here is that many people automatically think DIY = safe, and store-bought = unsafe. As with most things, life just isn’t that simple. Do your research. Spot check with certain cleaners to see if they’re effective.

3. Myth: Bleach (or Vinegar, or Whatever Else) is the Only Product You Really Need.

There are plenty of multi-purpose cleaners out there that will do just as well on your counters as they will on your floor. But that doesn’t mean that bleach, for instance, should be used to clean dirt — it doesn’t — or vinegar should be used on your hardwood floors — it’ll dull the finish. There is no single product out there that will work for all of your needs.

4. Myth: The More Product You Use, the Better.

More is not always better! More soap on your counters will just lead to buildup. Too much detergent use is one of the most common reasons dishwashers need to be repaired. Too much carpet cleaner will only make your carpet get dirtier faster. There are directions for a reason — follow them!

5. Myth: The Amount of Detergent You Use Doesn’t Really Matter.

Washing machines and laundry detergent have gotten much more efficient in the past few decades — so why are we using the same amount of soap? It might not seem like a big deal, but using the appropriate amount of  laundry detergent for your load will extend the life of your washer and your clothes. source: care2.com

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Davisburg MI Maid Services

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The Benefits Of Maid Services

Davisburg MI Maid ServicesA lot of people wonder if hiring a maid service is worth the money. There are a lot of benefits of not only having a clean home for your family but also with hiring a maid service company to do it for you. Below are some of the top benefits you will get from hiring a maid service.

A Very Clean Home

Whether you want to admit it or not, keeping your house clean on top of work, family and pets can be hard and at some times overwhelming. Even if you don’t let it get completely out of control, it can be difficult to keep everything up. This is where maids can help!

No Supplies to Stock

Another great benefit of hiring a maid service is that you don’t have to keep cleaning supplies on hand anymore. Maids bring everything they need to clean your home from top to bottom. They even bring the cleaning equipment as well.

Experts Handling your Belongings

It may seem that anyone is capable of vacuuming or cleaning a bathroom, but if you want it done right you need to bring in the professionals. Maids are fully trained and are able to handle your toughest or more fragile cleaning jobs.

More Free Time

For most people, the biggest benefit of hiring a maid service is having more time to spend with friends and family. When you hire a professional you will have more free time to spend with those you love and doing what you want.

For experienced Davisburg MI Maid Services, please call Clarkston Cleaning Services at (248) 620-9410 for a free quote. 

source: wall2wallcleaningservices.com

Waterford MI House Cleaning Services

Waterford MI House Cleaning Services (248) 742-1591

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8 Reasons You Need a Housekeeper

Your life is busy enough. Hire Wateford MI House Cleaning Services to help out.

Waterford MI House Cleaning ServicesIf you’ve ever debated hiring a housekeeper, you might have come up with a list of reasons why you shouldn’t: it’s a luxury you can’t afford or it’s a sign of laziness. But have you ever thought about why you should?

Outsourcing your house cleaning is a way to manage your time more efficiently and it can be affordable, even for those on a tight budget.

Whether you’re busy with a family and career, or just want some occasional help around the house, getting a cleaning service is not only practical, it be a lifesaver. Here are some valid reasons you may need to hire some help.

  1. You Work Full Time
    After a busy 9-5, using your time off from work to clean the house depletes your energy and limits your availability to enjoy other activities. You might not need a daily housekeeper, but having someone clean once or twice a month will give you more time to do the things you enjoy or need get done.
  2. You Have a Busy Family Life
    It’s hard to find time or energy for family outings and date nights when you spend your time cleaning, cooking and taking care of your children. If your schedule is already overwhelming, keeping the house in order becomes a daunting task that can take a toll on your marriage, as well as your health.
  3. You Enjoy Entertaining
    Whether you’re putting on a large event or just having company over, you don’t need to add cleaning to your to-do list. Save your time — and your energy — for the party by hiring someone to clean your home before and after the event. Even if you’re just having people over for dinner or to spend the weekend, knowing your housecleaning is taken care of takes the load off of you, and leaves you time to prepare for their arrival and enjoy the visit.
  4. You Don’t Know How to Clean
    Remember all those times your mom tried to teach you how to clean? Good. Now, do you remember anything she actually said? We didn’t think so. Cleaning isn’t as easy as just turning on a vacuum. There are tips and tricks you learn with time or experience. Don’t know how to clean your home? Hire a housekeeper to show you. They clean it a few times and demonstrate the best methods. But be careful; you may like just having them do it — and that’s okay too!
  5. You Don’t Like Cleaning
    Who does? But some people are better at it than others. Just because cleaning isn’t your forte, doesn’t mean you’re lazy. Why waste your time and efforts doing something you’re not good at, when you can have someone else do it? If cleaning takes you hours and you hate every minute of it, hire a housekeeper and devote that time to something more productive. If hiring someone to clean weekly strains your budget, find someone to deep clean once a month. That way, you’ll be better equipped to keep the house tidy the rest of the time on your own.
  6. You Have Elderly Family
    You might not want or need someone to clean your own home, but your aging parents or other relatives might need help. As people get older, it becomes harder to take care of daily chores and housekeeping tasks. A disorderly home is a health hazard for the elderly. A cluttered floor can cause them to fall and eating from dirty dishes can make them ill.If your aging parents need more help than just cleaning, hire a senior care aide who can care for them, run errands and provide light cleaning around the home.
  7. You Have a New Baby
    A new baby in the house means lots of extra cleaning and laundry — more than exhausted new parents may be able to handle. A housekeeper can help pick up the slack while you get used to your new routine. Family or friends want to pitch in and get you a gift? Instead of flowers, suggest they chip in for a housekeeper to help you out for a few weeks.
  8. You Deserve a Treat
    Sometimes you just need a break. Manicures and massages are great, but you can also pamper yourself by hiring someone to clean every once in a while. It’s a nice luxury that will give you some extra time to yourself. Go ahead, you’ve earned it!

If you are in need of top rated Waterford MI House Cleaning Services, please call Clarkston Cleaning Services at (248) 742-1591 to receive a free in-home cleaning estimate.

source: care.com

Independence Twp MI Professional House Cleaning Service

Independence MI Professional House Cleaning Service (248) 620-9410

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Five Proven Health Benefits of Hiring a Professional House Cleaning Service

If you’re tired of spending countless hours every week just trying to get your house clean while juggling between work, family, and social obligations, then hiring a professional cleaning service can surely add value to the overall health of the family.

Cleaning your house can quite literally become a chore and coupled with today’s hectic lifestyle, people don’t have a lot of time to handle housecleaning duties. When you finally choose to hire a professional house cleaning service for your home, you can say goodbye to the thought of vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and doing other household chores.

You’ll not only receive excellent service that will ensure your home will be cleaned to your standards but by availing of cleaning services from a reliable source, you will also be able to get rid of harmful bacteria, mold and other forms of allergens thus protecting your family from a number of potential infections.

Help Keep Dust Allergies And Dust Mites Away

Several studies and reports have revealed that dust is the common allergen behind incidences of cold and common flu every year. Furthermore, microscopic dust mites and its feces which are not visible to the naked eye are also behind several allergic reactions.

Professional cleaning services play a major role in keeping your beds in particular and your house in general, germ-free on a regular basis. Professional cleaning services also employ HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter) vacuum cleaners which assist in sucking up the maximum amount of dust, dead skin and dirt from carpets and all other hard-to-reach areas in your house. This goes a long way in ensuring that you and your family will breathe fresh air.

Moreover, you will be able to live in a hygienic and healthy environment as regular, professional cleaning prevents the formation of detrimental bacteria and microbes from growing and thriving. This also proves to be a major advantage for all those individuals suffering from chronic dust allergies.

Independence MI Professional House Cleaning Service

Deeper And Far More Intense Clean

Opting for a professional house cleaner will provide you with the best cleaning services possible and as a result, your home will remain spotless than you can imagine. Professional cleaners make use of experienced cleaners who not only know how to clean efficiently but also employ the right techniques, products, and methods to use to clean even the toughest dirt away.

Helps In Keeping Tough Mold Away While Maintaining Hygiene In Your Bathrooms

Employing a professional cleaner will ensure your bathroom remains shiny clean while further ensuring that you need not worry about keeping cleaning supplies on hand.

Bathrooms tend to be a breeding ground for several types of pathogenic organisms like mold, fungi, bacteria like e-Coli and salmonella & other gastrointestinal viruses as well.

Professional cleaners will ensure that your bathroom is hygienic and sparkling clean, week after week, regardless of what’s going on in your life as they make use of the top-notch cleaning agents and techniques to achieve a maximized germ-free environment.

Protects Infants And Kids

Young kids tend to be susceptible to various types of infections and need to be protected at all times. Professional cleaners are aware of all the tips and tricks to ensure your home remains spotless and germ-free. This is especially important for houses where kids and infants are present and hygiene levels need to be maintained.

Helps Reduce Fatigue And Stress

Professional house cleaning services can cover all of your cleaning needs and all your needs will be taken care of, quickly and correctly. Keeping up with the rigorous demands of work and life can leave you drained and completely exhausted.

Employing the services of professional cleaners will enable you to get some well-deserved rest so that you can enjoy your time off with family and friends, instead of expending your energy on doing housekeeping chores. Hiring a professional cleaning service thus help reduces stress while also having an overall positive effect on your mental as well as physical well-being.

For an experienced Independence Twp MI Professional House Cleaning Service, please call Clarkston Cleaning Services at (248) 620-9410 for a free quote today! 

source: medium.com

Clarkston MI Cleaning Service

Clarkston MI Cleaning ServiceThere are many reasons people choose to hire professional cleaning services and a number of benefits as well.

Cleaning takes up a big chunk of time and energy – time which many people would rather spend doing activities with family and friends.

If you’ve been considering hiring a company for professional cleaning services, here are some reasons that might sway you to do so:

  1. You choose the cleaning schedule
    You set the days, the number of days and perhaps even the time the cleaning crew will clean your home. You won’t have to worry about making the time yourself or when you will get around to it. You’ll be able to count on having a clean house without life getting in the way.
  2. Pros will do it well and do it right
    Cleaning companies hire people who know what they’re doing and who get the job done right. They use the latest products on the market and are mindful of your family’s welfare when choosing cleaning supplies. Another plus is that you don’t have to buy cleaning products anymore. They will bring their own.
  3. Extra free time
    Cleaning takes up time, especially when you do a thorough job. Hiring a professional cleaning service will give that precious time back to you. It’s a gift you give to yourself and to your family. You’ll have more time to do what you want to do.
  4. More energy
    Cleaning the house is hard work. It takes a lot of energy. Pushing around a vacuum and a mop are hard on the back. Professional cleaners will give you the chance to get more rest. Most people, especially those with children, find themselves exhausted just with the daily routine. Freeing yourself from having to clean will let you get a little more rest.
  5. Results you can count on
    Professional cleaners will provide consistent results. They will keep your home sparkling and fresh all the time. You won’t have to worry if company drops by unexpectedly. Your home will always be pristine. You’ll be proud to have spur-of-the-moment visitors.

The old adage “time is money” pertains to hiring a cleaning service. It will save you time which will also save you money, since you’ll be able to do other things instead of cleaning. Do something you would normally put off because you need to clean. Relax with a beverage and read a good book while the crew is taking care of the business of cleaning. source: sunrise-cleaning.com

For an experienced Clarkston MI Cleaning Service, please call Clarkston Cleaning Service at (248) 620-9410 for a free quote.


Waterford MI Maid Service

Waterford MI Maid Service (248) 742-1591

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Top 8 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Maid Service

Waterford MI Maid ServiceAmericans are busier today than ever before – stretched to the limit by work, school, parenting, and elder care responsibilities. Cleaning services can help modern families have more of life’s most valuable commodity – time.

Adults are working more hours and often continue to labor when they arrive home via telecommuting. Also, many in the “sandwich generation” must not only attend school plays and chauffer their children to soccer practice, they must also see to the needs of grandparents or parents – taking them to doctor’s appointments, helping them with household tasks, etc.. Finding a little downtime for themselves or time to spend on leisurely family activities can be nearly impossible.

One way working adults can claim back a little of their “me” time is by hiring a maid service to take care of their household cleaning needs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, individuals over the age of 15 spend on average about 21 hours per week on unpaid household labor – preparing meals, cleaning, laundry, sewing, maintenance, and repair. Hiring a cleaning service can help men and women reclaim valuable time they can spend on hobbies, spending time with family and friends, or just resting and recharging.

When It’s Time to Hire a Maid

If you’re not sure whether hiring a cleaner is right for you and your family, consider these tips for knowing when to put down the Swiffer and call in a professional:

• If you’re working long hours – Whether you’re a mechanic in an auto shop or a white collar office worker, long hours at work take a lot out of you physically and mentally. Having to come home to a mountain of laundry or a sink full of dishes isn’t going to help your stress or fatigue levels. Having a professional cleaner take care of the cleaning leaves you better able to focus on your work.

• If cleaning isn’t your thing – We all have different talents and different weak spots. Some people just aren’t good at cleaning and end up spending hours doing a poor job on tasks other people can complete quickly and nearly effortlessly. If you’re spending hours on a no-win battle against dust, dirt, and laundry, calling in a maid service might be a good idea. Maids specialize in cleaning, it’s their job. Leaving cleaning in their hands ensures that the job gets done right.

• Special occasions – Some households don’t require a regular maid, they just need help getting ready for special occasions like engagement parties, weddings, birthday parties, and other events. A cleaning service can help organize your home to prepare for special days in the life of your family. For once-in-a-lifetime events, you want your home to be in top condition. Cleaners make this much easier and are often more effective in deep cleaning than individuals busy with invitations, guest lists, catering, and other tasks.

• Do the math – Calculate how much you get paid per hour at work and determine how many hours you spend per week on cleaning tasks like mopping, laundry, vacuuming, etc. Then consider how much a weekly or monthly maid service would cost. Chances are that hiring a cleaner would be cheaper than the amount you would pay yourself for these tasks.

• Helping your parents – Many men and women today are taking care of their parents and grandparents as they get older, helping them with various household tasks such as lawn care and cleaning. This detracts from the time that they can spend on their own homes or on leisure activities. Hiring a maid service can provide your parents or grandparents with top-notch cleaning, and you with a little down time.

• Lack of leisure time – When’s the last time you had a drink with your co-workers? When did you last get to go on a vacation or just to a movie? If it’s been a while, you may want to consider cutting down on your home cleaning commitments to free up time to do the things you love. A few hours saved each week can add up over the course of a year to quite a bit of free time.

• Getting ready to sell – If you’re preparing to sell your home, it pays to have it cleaned by professionals. Appearances are everything when it comes to selling real estate, and a deep cleaning by professional cleaners can help get your home ready for prospective buyers. Professional cleaners have the tools and training to get your house back into mint condition, allowing you to negotiate higher sale prices from people interested in buying your home.

• Consider your health – Chemicals associated with cleaning such as sprays, bleach, or mopping solution can be harmful to the health of people with respiratory or other medical issues. If you feel ill after cleaning, or if the tasks involved exhaust you, hiring a cleaning service will help ensure that your home stays clean and you stay healthy.

Downtime Essential for Health

Finding time for rest and leisure activities is important for physical and mental health. Experts suggest that adults get at least eight hours of sleep per night to maintain good physical and mental health. Studies also warn that adults who work more than 60 hours per week are at greater risk for heart attack. source: 2localgals.com

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7 Toxic Household Cleaners to Avoid

chemicals lurking under your kitchen sink? Find out the 7 toxic household cleaners to avoid and the problem with “natural” store-bought cleaners.

Are you cleaning with conventional, store-bought household cleaners? You may want to think twice about using them. Why? They are toxic household cleaners. Check out the labels. There are often warning signs of toxicity and instructions to call Poison Control if ingested or exposed to skin.

Types of Toxic Household Cleaners

Toxic chemicals in conventional household cleaners vary in their severity – from acute (immediate) hazards such as skin or respiratory issues, chemical burns or watery eyes to chronic (long term) hazards such as cancer, fertility issues, ADHD, compromised immune system and more.

Most toxic chemicals found in household cleaners fall into these categories:

  • Carcinogens – which cause or promote cancer
  • Endocrine disruptors – which mimic human hormones and cause false signals within the body and lead to issues such as infertility, premature puberty, miscarriage, menstrual issues, ADHD and even cancer.
  • Neurotoxins – which affect brain activity and cause issues such as headaches and memory loss

7 Household Cleaners to Avoid

1. Air fresheners

The fragrances (even those marked unscented) can trigger asthma and allergies. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) reviewed 2,000 household cleaning products in 2012 and found that 53% of cleaning products contain ingredients harmful to the lungs AND 22% of cleaning products contain chemicals known to cause asthma in otherwise healthy people.

2. Fabric softeners and dryer sheets

The fragrances and other ingredients used to make them can cause asthma, allergies or lung irritation.

3. Cleaning products with artificial fragrances

The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health has found that one-third of the substances used in the fragrance industry are toxic, yet because the formulas used for these fragrances are trade secrets companies aren’t required to disclose the ingredients used.

4. Antibacterial products

The ingredients used to kill bacteria in these soaps can can encourage the development of drug-resistant superbugs.

5. Corrosive drain cleaners, oven cleaners and toilet bowl cleaners

These are the most acutely dangerous cleaning products on the market. The ingredients in these cleaners can cause severe burns on the skin and eyes, or if ingested to the throat and esophagus.

6. Bleach and ammonia

Separately these cleaners produce fumes with high acute toxicity to eyes, nose, throat and lungs and should not be used by people with asthma or lung issues. Used together, these products produce a a toxic gas that can cause serious lung damage.

7. Products that create suds (shampoo, liquid soap, bubble bath, laundry detergent) 

Ingredients such as 1,4-dioxane, diethanolamine (DEA), triethanolamine (TEA), sodium laureth sulfate, PEG compounds, etc. are known carcinogens linked to organ toxicity.

In addition to acute and long-term health issues, many of these chemicals pose health hazards to the environment too. When these cleaners are used in sinks, bathtubs or showers, they go down the drain and may threaten water quality or wildlife. Sudsing agents in shampoos, liquid soaps and detergents and phosphates used to soften hard water in detergents pose a huge threat to our water supply. source: dontmesswithmama.com

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