5 DIY Steps To Clean Your Deck For Summer

5 DIY Steps To Clean Your Deck For Summer

Clean Your Deck For Summer

While the staff at Clarkston Cleaning doesn’t offer deck cleaning as a service, we know the value of a clean patio. Because of that, we want to share some tips with you on how to achieve a sparkling deck that everyone in Michigan will envy.

There are several steps to ensure a proper summer cleaning of your outdoor living space. Follow along as we outline five DIY steps for learning how to clean a deck efficiently.

Give It a Thorough Inspection

One of the most critical elements of preparing your deck for the summer season is to take the time to walk around the space and check for any areas that require repair. Whether this is a loose screw, split board, or (depending on the age of your deck) wear and tear from insects, it is vital to stay on top of any necessary maintenance.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

During the months when your deck isn’t front and center with entertaining and daily living, the space tends to collect objects that don’t necessarily belong. Whether it’s random winter toys or leaves and branches leftover from fall, it is common to uncover various items once the snow fades away. 

Take the time to find a more suitable home for the items that don’t belong and clear off any debris or leaves. This step will help you to achieve a better deck clean overall.

Clean the Space

There are two approaches that you can take to cleaning your outdoor living space. Some homeowners prefer to rent or purchase a power washer to get the job done quickly. Others, primarily those with smaller deck space, turn to a mild detergent and scrub brush. 

Regardless of which route you choose, be sure to thoroughly rinse the area after cleaning to remove any soap residue and avoid slippery conditions. 

Check For Touch Up’s

After your deck area is sparkling clean from the previous step, take inventory of all the parts that could benefit from a new coat of stain. Taking the time to do this as needed helps you avoid a more extended job several seasons later.

Once you have identified the problem areas, sand them down and apply a coat of stain. It may take several layers to achieve the correct look, so don’t close up shop after just one or two swipes.

Clean the Furniture

Before you reload all of the patio furniture, decorations, and grill back onto your newly cleaned deck, it is critical to clean them to their own level of sparkling. After taking the time to make your outdoor living space sparkle, the last thing you want is to bring dirty furniture and accessories into the mix!

Whether spraying them down with the hose or handwashing them with soap and water, take the time to make them shine before returning them to their home.

In Summary

We care about those we serve, and while our Cleaning Services don’t include deck cleaning, we know how important having a clean and relaxing space is to our clients. Because of that, we wanted to share our top five steps for a complete DIY deck clean.

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5 DIY Steps To Clean Your Deck For Summer

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