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Cleaning For A Reason. Until There’s A Cure…   No matter what your circumstances are, keeping your home clean is a major task. But, this is especially true if you’re battling cancer. Chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery can leave patients experiencing a range of exhausting side effects. This is all about the healing process. Besides, the last thing anyone wants to tackle when feeling so sick is the chore of cleaning her home.

We are happy to announce that we are giving back to our community in a unique way. We have joined the international organization Cleaning For a Reason. This is a service that helps women undergoing treatment for cancer. They provide women with free home cleaning services.

About Cleaning For a Reason

Clarkston Cleaning is thrilled to partner with Cleaning For a Reason. A nonprofit foundation spanning the United States and Canada. Cleaning For a Reason has served over 33,000 women. This, totaling over $11,000,000 in donated hours of cleaning services since 2006. Over 1,200 cleaning companies donate their time and talents to Cleaning For a Reason. These companies don’t receive any compensation for their work. The house cleaning companies are volunteering their services to anyone in need. The employees aren’t volunteers, they are still paid their regular wages.

Every woman who qualifies receives two house cleaning sessions over the course of two months. We believe that recovery, and not vacuuming or dusting, is the only focus.

The company was founded after its president and creator, Debbie Sardone. She was on a call with a prospective new client. The client told her that she would no longer be able to afford cleaning services. This was because of the fact that she was undergoing treatment for cancer. It was quite a wake-up call.

Sardone knew in that moment that she needed to do something. She wanted to help women who were facing the trials of a cancer diagnosis. First of all, no one in that situation should have to worry about whether their house is clean or not.  Above all, when they are also worried about their health. Sardone shared her story at a national cleaning business convention. Everyone that ran cleaning companies rushed to join her in her mission. This is when the movement was started.


Clarkston Cleaning is Proud to Be “Cleaning for a Reason”

Clarkston Cleaning is a family-operated team. We have been in the business of cleaning homes for over 19 years. We pride ourselves on being, “large enough to serve, and small enough to care.” We could not be more pleased. We are able to donate hours of service and personalized care to women in need. We will help women in our service area.

“The Clarkston Cleaning Services culture, is to give back to the community. Helping women undergoing cancer just seemed like the right thing for us to do. These women need to focus on their health, and not on cleaning their homes.”

Both Cleaning For a Reason and Clarkston Cleaning Services understand the physical, emotional, and financial challenges of cancer treatments. Certainly, we know that every little bit of support or extra help can make all the difference. Especially, on the journey back to health.

How to Apply

Are you currently undergoing treatment for cancer? Do you know someone who is? Let us help you keep your house in tip-top shape.  Lastly, all you will have to do is focus on is getting well. A clean house is a symbol of normalcy. When you’re sick, normalcy is very appealing.

If you’re a woman currently receiving treatment and over the age of 19 you qualify.  Your eligible to receive free cleaning services through Cleaning For a Reason. All of us at Clarkston Cleaning want to be the ones to help.

Here’s how you can apply:

And that’s it! Cleaning For a Reason will match you with a cleaning service in your area. Hopefully Clarkston Cleaning is the one!  That’s all you have to worry about, we’ll do the rest. Thank you.

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Here Are Five Proven Benefits of Hiring A Professional House Cleaning Service. customer reviews

Help Keep Dust Allergies And Dust Mites Away. Gift Cards. clarkston cleaning services. customer reviews

Several studies and reports have revealed that dust is the common allergen behind incidences of cold and common flu every year. Furthermore, microscopic dust mites and its feces which are not visible to the naked eye are also behind several allergic reactions.

Professional cleaning services play a major role in keeping your beds in particular and your house in general, germ-free on a regular basis. Professional cleaning services also employ HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter) vacuum cleaners which assist in sucking up the maximum amount of dust, dead skin and dirt from carpets and all other hard-to-reach areas in your house. This goes a long way in ensuring that you and your family will breathe fresh air. customer reviews

Moreover, you will be able to live in a hygienic and healthy environment as regular, professional cleaning prevents the formation of detrimental bacteria and microbes from growing and thriving. This also proves to be a major advantage for all those individuals suffering from chronic dust allergies.

Deeper And Far More Intense Clean gift cards

Opting for a professional house cleaner will provide you with the best cleaning services possible.  As a result, your home will remain spotless, more than you could imagine. Professional house cleaners make use of professionally trained teams. Because of this,  We know how to clean efficiently, but also employ the right techniques, products, and methods.  We can clean even the toughest dirt and stains away.

Helps In Keeping Tough Mold Away While Maintaining Hygiene In Your Bathrooms

Hiring a professional house cleaner will ensure many things. Your bathroom will remain shiny and clean. Because of this,  you need not worry about keeping cleaning supplies on hand.

Bathrooms tend to be a breeding ground for several types of pathogenic organisms like mold, fungi, bacteria like e-Coli and salmonella & other gastrointestinal viruses as well.

Professional House cleaner will ensure that your bathroom is hygienic and sparkling clean, week after week, regardless of what’s going on in your life.  We make use of the best professional cleaning agents and techniques to achieve a maximized germ-free environment.

Protects Infants And Kids

Young kids tend to be susceptible to various types of infections and need to be protected at all times. Professional house cleaners are aware of all the tips and tricks to ensure your home remains spotless and germ-free. This is especially important for houses where kids and infants are present and hygiene levels need to be maintained.

Helps Reduce Fatigue And Stress

Professional house cleaning services can cover all of your cleaning needs. All your needs will be taken care of quickly and correctly. Keeping up with the rigorous demands of work and life can leave you drained and completely exhausted.

Employing the services of professional cleaners will enable you to get some well-deserved rest so that you can enjoy your time off with family and friends. Let us do the work, instead of you expending your energy on doing housekeeping chores. Hiring a professional house cleaning service thus help reduces stress. You will also having an overall positive effect on your mental as well as physical well-being.

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