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Seniors and Fathers

Seniors and fathers, otherwise known, this time of year, as Grads and Dads. We’re pleased as punch that we will be able to celebrate them this year! We thought we’d share some ideas on how to make their day special.

The Graduates

If you have family or friends graduating this year, whether from high school or college, how would you like to show them how proud you are? Some folks might want to throw big parties (maybe still a no-no at this time) or perhaps have a nice dinner out with close friends. While not as restricted as last year, it’s best to do some research ahead of time, just in case.

It’s true, the best gifts are personal. If you don’t know the grad well, ask someone who does. Teens especially can be vague or uncertain about their future plans so, asking the right questions can give you a whole bunch of ideas and might look like this:

Where’s a place to eat that you’d like to try but haven’t yet been able to?

  • Get a gift card for that place or another similar eatery that has good ratings.
  • Or just a gift card to their already favorite hangout.
  • A cookbook for that kind of cuisine or food preference.

Do you have a field of study you’re interested in?

  • Are there books on that topic or maybe textbooks for college classes they would like?
  • Is there a set of tools they may need or want to explore in this field?

What are your plans for the summer?

  • If they are moving, maybe they need some basic home supplies for a new apartment.
  • If they are traveling, perhaps a new suitcase or travel gear.
  • Cash is always the right color and size

Do they need help with something else they wouldn’t feel comfortable asking for?

  • Are they saving for a car or repair?
  • Are mom and dad strapped and can’t help?
  • Do they need help finding appropriate work?
  • Are they moving out of the house and need rent/deposit money?
  • Do you have a useful skill or knowledge that would help them?

Dear Old Dad

Unlike young people, dads are more settled in their ways and generally easier to buy for. Even if your dad is gruff and grumpy, there’s almost always a soft spot or two you can hone in on for a great Father’s Day gift. Most dads will not ask for anything…many can go out and buy what they need for themselves. Instead, sleuth out ideas by observation or listening to what he mainly talks about.

Does he collect something or have a hobby?

  • Stamps, bugs, car parts? See what he doesn’t have and find it, if possible.
  • Books on his favorite subject.
  • Does he like craft beer or like hot sauce? Get him a subscription or kit to putter around with!

Is there someone he hasn’t seen in a while?

  • Is it possible to arrange a reunion for them?
  • Look up some military or school buddies or family members he’d like to see again.

Is there a favorite place he hasn’t been to for a long time?

  • Take a road trip with dad.
  • Get a wall map made of his hometown.

Dads love to be ‘needed’.

  • Ask him to help you with a repair of an odd job, then take him to lunch.
  • Ask him to teach you something he knows how to do. Change a tire? Barbequing? Gardening?
  • Write him a love letter.
  • Have him tell you stories of his youth and really listen. You might see dad in a new light!

Whether you want to plan a grand fete or just something close and personal, it’s a busy time of year! Now that spring has finally sprung, some help around the house will make everyone happy campers. We want to tick one more thing off that to-do list for you!

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