Hiring someone (or a few people) come in and clean your home can be stressful – after all, you are opening up your home to people you don’t know and trusting them to care for your home thoroughly but efficiently, leaving nothing damaged and taking nothing that isn’t theirs. 

Whether you ‘re interested in a long-term contract or you want a one-off deep cleaning for the spring or after school starts, these concerns (and many others) are valid. You want a professional cleaning service that is reliable, honest, and consistent, right? 

Today, we will offer you the tips you need to find the best cleaning service for your needs.

#1: Set Clear Expectations About Your Cleaning Needs/Wants BEFORE Looking for A Service

Are you looking for a one-off, super-deep-cleaning when you are moving in or out of a house? A once-a-month deep clean? Weekly or bi-monthly maintenance? Do you have specific tasks you want the service to handle, such as cleaning interior windows, dusting hard to reach places, or scrubbing tubs and tile? 

Some providers offer a set list of tasks they fulfill each time, some change depending on your requests, and some charge additional fees for special services. Knowing exactly what cleaning tasks you are looking to have done and how often you need services performed will help you find the right service without wasting your time on companies that may not even offer the services or the frequency you need.

#2: Ask For Referrals, Check References, Read Reviews (But Be Wary)

In today’s “connected” world, it’s easier than ever to ask for referrals to find home service providers and easy to find online reviews. Ask around on neighborhood groups via Facebook or NextDoor for recommendations for a cleaning service that suits your specific needs and services your area. 

Getting references and recommendations from people you know have used a service and are happy with the quality and price they have experienced is a great way to find a cleaning service you will want to look into further. 

Be wary when reading reviews and ratings online through services like Yelp, Google Reviews, and Facebook Reviews, though. Online reviews can be very skewed, as some companies “pay” people for a 5-star, glowing review with discounts and free services. 

On the other hand, some people only seek out review sites when they have a “bone to pick,” unhappy folks tend to turn into keyboard warriors with a mission to make sure everyone knows about their bad experiences. 

With this in mind, when looking at the reviews, remember that a few poor reviews are totally expected. Realize that a 100% perfect, 5-star, does-no-wrong reputation may be skewed, and take the time to really read the negatives. Are there so many that it sends up red flags in your mind or is it one or two that may have had a bad day or overlooked something? 

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#3: Find Out What Services Are Offered – Are There Premiums?

Once you have chosen a few companies to contact, you’ll want to inquire about the level of detail they offer. Every company will have different policies on what is offered as a standard and they may charge additional fees to customize or add additional services. 

Some companies will come in with a specific checklist each time, with no variance from one visit to the next. Others will have a rotation of tasks that will be performed at different visits. Be sure you are aware of what services are offered and what extra fees you may be charged if you add additional services.

#4: Ask For Documentation

What happens if someone breaks something while cleaning your home? What happens if someone gets hurt? What if someone takes something of value from your home? If the cleaning service you choose isn’t properly bonded and insured, you may be the one responsible. 

A reliable cleaning company will offer this information without question and provide policy information upon your request. Having the peace of mind that the company you have coming into your home will be able to cover things if something were to happen is worth the potentially higher rates they may charge over a non-insured company.

#5: Ask About The Team Members – Training & Screening?

Not only are you trusting these folks to come to your home and clean it thoroughly, you also want to be sure they are doing so in a way that is safe for your surfaces, for you, and for them. Ask the company about what sort of training their employees receive before they go out into the field. 

Also, you want a company that hires only honest, trustworthy employees, so it is a good idea to ask about their screening process for new hires. A quality cleaning company will have well-trained employees who have passed background checks and screenings. 

With a trustworthy company that hires reliable employees, you should be able to give them access to your home when you are not there, have them clean and close up without worry— no having to stick around waiting for them to arrive and awkwardly shuffling yourself out of the way while they clean.

#6: Is Satisfaction Guaranteed?

A quality company will stand behind the work performed and make things right within a reasonable span of time. If you are unhappy with the cleaning performed and voice your concern, the company should send someone to touch-up clean or offer some sort of compensation ASAP. 

Ask about how things are handled if something gets damaged or broken. Accidents happen, and even the most careful of cleaners may break or damage something while they work. Ask beforehand how the company handles these types of situations so there are no surprises if this situation does arise. 

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