How often should you clean your windows? A window cleaning guide by Clarkston Cleaning Services

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How often should you clean your windows?

Windows are the eyes of your home, allowing natural light to flood in and providing you with clear views of the world outside. But over time, they tend to collect dirt and grime both inside and out. The question is, how often should you clean your windows, and why is this routine maintenance so important?

Clean windows offer more than just a clear view of the beautiful outdoors. Let’s explore the reasons to maintain the cleanliness of your home’s interior and exterior glass windows:

Enhanced Curb Appeal: Clean, sparkling windows can transform the overall appearance of your home, leaving a positive impression on guests and neighbors.

Longevity: Regular cleaning helps extend the life of your windows by preventing permanent damage from dirt, dust, and pollutants.

Improved Energy Efficiency: Clean windows reduce the need for artificial lighting, keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Health Benefits: Regular cleaning maintains indoor air quality, preventing the spread of allergens, such as dust and pollen.

Spotting Issues Early: Regular window cleaning allows you to identify and address any damage or issues early, including sealant damage and cracks.

Now that you understand the importance of regular window cleaning, let’s delve into how often you should clean both the inside and outside of your windows.

How Often to Clean the Inside of Your Windows:

For the interior of your windows, you should clean them any time they become smudged, dirty, or visibly coated with dust. Typically, this becomes a monthly task, ensuring that your home remains bright and inviting. However, there are circumstances that may necessitate more frequent cleaning, such as the presence of children or pets. Feel free to reach out to us regarding our recurring cleaning services for all of your window cleaning needs. 

How Often to Clean the Outside of Your Windows:

Cleaning the exterior of your windows is equally important, not just for appearances but also for the longevity and efficiency of your windows. A clean exterior window is slightly more energy-efficient and can help you avoid long-term replacement costs. Typically, plan for a thorough exterior cleaning every six months, preferably in the spring and fall. Various factors can influence the need for more frequent cleaning, including your geographical location, prevailing weather conditions, the materials used for your windows, and other relevant considerations:

Environmental Factors:

  • Trees and Vegetation: Windows near trees are prone to dirt accumulation due to pollen, sap, leaves, and other debris.
  • Insects: High insect activity can lead to cobwebs or nests on or near windows.
  • Weather: Harsh weather conditions like strong winds, dust, and precipitation can quickly dirty windows.


Location Considerations:
  • Busy Streets and Construction Sites: Homes near busy streets or construction sites are more likely to experience dirt and debris buildup on windows.
  • Snowfall: Areas with heavy snowfall may have windows impacted by salt, gravel, and snow plow debris.
  • Window Screens: Windows without exterior screens tend to collect more debris and insect activity, necessitating more frequent cleaning.
  • Frame Material: Different window frame materials require various maintenance levels, with wood frames needing extra care and regular sealing and painting.


Establishing a Window Cleaning Schedule:
Establishing a regular cleaning schedule is key to maintaining clear, sparkling windows. Here’s a suggested timeline to ensure your windows stay clean and inviting:
Weekly Cleaning:
  • Interior Windows: Wipe them down with a mild glass cleaner once a week to remove smudges, fingerprints, and streaks. Use a microfiber towel or lint-free cloth for the best results.
Monthly Cleaning:
  • Interior Windows: If your windows don’t face the challenges of children or pets, a monthly cleaning is often sufficient. Start with a dry cloth to remove dust and dirt, then use a wet glass cleaner to clean both the panes and frames.
Seasonal Cleaning:
  • Exterior Windows: For a thorough exterior cleaning, plan to remove your window screens and gather the necessary tools. This task should typically be performed twice per year. This deeper cleaning ensures your windows remain crystal clear and ready to face the changing seasons. 


In conclusion, understanding the right frequency for cleaning your windows, both inside and out, is essential for maintaining a bright, energy-efficient, and welcoming home. By considering the factors that influence your window cleaning needs and implementing a regular cleaning schedule, you can ensure that your view remains crystal clear all year round.

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