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How To Clean A Grill Before Your Next Cookout

Owning a grill is a luxury that many people have, whether renting or owning an apartment or home. However, this privilege comes with a responsibility that can quickly get away from you. When you purchase a grill, you have to make time to maintain it and routinely clean it from the inside out. 

The problem often lies in that many don’t know how to clean a grill appropriately. While scraping off the grates between uses is straightforward and standard, you should also take the time to implement other steps during your regular summer cleaning.

Identify Which Grill Type You Have

With the ever-changing technology, there are many different grills on the market to choose from when purchasing. Between propane, natural gas, charcoal, and infrared, each style has its own set of requirements for cleaning. 

While there are a set of common steps that can be utilized with any grill, knowing the specific needs of your device is helpful. You can often find these details in your owner’s manual or online.

Clean The Grates

In between uses, it is wise to take a few moments (especially while the equipment is still warm) to scrape the grates of your grill with a wire brush. This step allows any leftover food to detach from the area.

However, especially before a cookout, you will want to immerse the grates (when cool) in soapy water and thoroughly clean them. Performing this action helps remove troublesome residue and create a clean slate for cooking.

Empty the Body

Underneath the grates is where one places charcoal when using that type of grill. However, in other models, the grill body can start to see a build-up of debris and food particles. After a few grilling sessions, it is essential to thoroughly clean the body and rid the area of any unwanted materials.

It is critical to accomplish this task before packing your grill away for the season. Doing so will help to avoid any mold or unnecessary buildup of residue. The job is also essential to complete throughout the summer months to make the end-of-season cleaning more manageable and provide a more sanitary cooking experience.

Don’t Forget the Exterior

The outside of your grill can attract many different elements, including bugs, dust, and random air particles. Taking a few extra minutes to wipe down the outside and clean the handles and dials that adorn the front will add extra shine and sparkle to your outside living space.

You can use a stainless steel spray or just a simple combination of soap and water to achieve this. The more you wipe down your grill, the less likely you will have a buildup of unwanted materials on the outside.

In Summary

Taking on the ownership of a grill isn’t all fun and games. Having one comes with a set of responsibilities, including the cleaning and maintenance of the equipment. If you are looking to bring on assistance for Cleaning Services, don’t hesitate to reach out to Clarkston Cleaning today!

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