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How To Organize A Messy Garage For Spring

Spring cleaning brings a sense of renewal to your home. Getting rid of items that are no longer needed, cleaning the nooks and crannies, and refreshing your interior is often a breath of fresh air. That is until you get to the garage.

In what is often the most forgotten area for organization and cleaning, your garage can quickly become a catch-all for the odds and ends that don’t belong elsewhere. This article will tell you how to organize a messy garage to get the same renewed feeling both inside and outside of your home.

Group Like Items

As we mentioned above, your garage can quickly become an area where homeless items go to live. Because of this, you will find that you have a large variety of trinkets and tools sprinkled throughout the space.

One of our top garage organization tips is to put all items with a common purpose together in one place. Therefore, if you have different types of paint brushes around, be sure to put them all together to know exactly where to go when you need one. Likewise, any outdoor toys that you have for the children should be in one area that is easy to access. 

Go Vertical

Many people are afraid to store anything at a height above their heads. However, there is a lot of valuable real estate when you choose to store items that aren’t frequently used in higher-up spaces. Additionally, there are many usable storage solutions you can purchase that are specifically made for vertical storage needs.

As one of our garage organizing ideas, take seasonal decorations and place them on shelves that attach to the rafters of your garage. When the time comes that you need to gather these items from that area, a simple folding ladder can help you to retrieve them. 

Create Zones

Once you have grouped all similar items and placed them in storage bins, you should label them and assign a zone for them to reside. What is a zone? This term is used to describe a specific area devoted to a particular type of product. With this process, you will find all varieties of tools in one zone and all outside toys in another.

Having zones helps you know exactly where to look when you are searching for something in particular. While grouping like items achieves this to an extent, if you have tools in one space and nails and screws across the garage, it can be chaotic trying to locate everything you need for a project.

In Summary

Spring cleaning can be an enjoyable time, especially with the result that comes with the process. However, taking your home organization to the garage can quickly dampen anyone’s positive mood with trying to figure out how to organize a messy garage.

If you are interested in getting assistance in your organizational goals, we can help you establish and execute a plan here at Clarkston Cleaning Services. Reach out to us today to learn about the different services we offer and get a quote for your needs.

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