Summer Cleaning Tips For Every Homeowner

Summer Cleaning Tips For Every Homeowner

Summer Cleaning Tips For Every Homeowner

If there is ever a season where it feels like you are living outdoors just as much as you are indoors, summer is it. With that comes the dirt and grass of the outdoors, making their way inside at all times. Keeping up with this mess can get overwhelming, but there are easy ways to navigate the debris and weather changes that come with the summer months.

To help you in this endeavor, the staff at Clarkston Cleaning Services has come up with the top house cleaning tips for summertime. Introducing these into your daily or weekly regimen will help keep the mess under control more than before.

Screen Doors

Using screen doors allows us to let the nice weather and breezes into the house without inviting a host of insects to visit. However, these screens can take a beating in the process. Summer has allergens, bugs, dirt, and everything else flying in the air, and many of these get caught in the screens.

Taking the time once a week to clean these areas with warm soapy water will help keep residue from building up and allow cleaner air to filter through the screens.


Just like our screens, windows take a beating during the summer months. Whether it’s from the elements, pollen, or just our children pressing their faces up to see what’s happening inside, our windows have seen better days.

Also, like the screen doors, taking the time once a week to clean the outside and inside of the windows will help limit the amount of dirt and bugs on the panes. Not only will your windows look better, but the summer cleaning will allow more adequate sunlight into your home. 


The traipsing in and out of the house during the hottest months of the year can give our floors a beating. Not only is dirt brought in, but everything on the bottom of shoes or bare feet also comes along. Our floors quickly become home to all sorts of outside elements that we would prefer to remain outdoors.

Sweeping and mopping daily can seem tedious but will significantly impact your home. If you suffer from allergies, you will notice a reduction in your symptoms. Additionally, eliminating the particles from the floor will decrease stains on your rugs and furniture.


With warm weather comes a surplus of ants. They thrive in areas with leftover food and messes. When children are home more during summer break, the food consumed increases, and the kitchen is messy. 

Out of all places in the kitchen, making sure that the counters are continually cleaned and food particles removed is of the highest importance. Following that, taking the time to clean the sink and garbage disposal is vital. Remember that food rots more quickly in hot conditions, so leaving remnants behind can lead to foul smells and mold.


Summer is a time for having fun, relaxing, and making memories with loved ones. Cleaning is the furthest from your mind. However, implementing these critical elements into your daily and weekly routines will help you have a clean home and fun experiences. Clarkston Cleaning Services is here to help; get an instant quote in less than two minutes!

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