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When the Power Goes Out

In this time, almost everything we do requires an electrical connection whether it’s a phone, laptop, tablet, or television, it can be a challenge when the power goes out.  Most families can manage for a few hours, but what if…it’s a few DAYS?

Have a Plan

Despite being something you’re used to, it’s never a waste of time to prepare. During cold weather provisions should be made anyway, like:

  • Extra charged up batteries for phones/radios
  • Have a solar charger handy for phones
  • Sign up for emergency text alerts from your utility provider
  • Ways to stay warm
  • At-risk neighbors…plan to check on them.

Because so many things need power these days, and it’s certainly a relief when the power comes back on, that electrical return can surge and can blow out your devices.  Even if you have surge-protector strips, not everything gets plugged into them…like phones. When the power goes out be sure to get important electronics like TV’s and computers unplugged. 

But…I’m BORED!

If you already have your plan going and are settling in with stockpiles of snacks and all the important stuff is taken care of, then there’s the “keeping everyone occupied” part of the equation.  If your kids are used to their electronics for entertainment, this could be a trying time for them.  It’s a fantastic opportunity to make some memories! But different families like different things.

  • If you’re a ‘together’ family, board games like Monopoly® or Clue® are long enough to keep everyone happy, but not too long. There are dozens of lists of favorite games out there, including this family-friendly games list, but it depends on everyone’s interests (and age).
  • Instead of a board game, how about getting everyone moving with a game of hide-n-seek? If the house is dark, even better!
  • FORTS! SO much fun and you can call it ‘camping’ in your living room! If you have a wood-burning fireplace, you might even be able to make S’mores.  YUM!
  • If “togetherness” is a little too much for your clan, maybe everyone could get a little reading in.  Books and magazines can fill hours of blank time.
  • It’s a good time to start, continue, or finish some house projects like cleaning out closets or dressers, sorting clothing for charity, or rearranging the furniture.
  • How about an old-fashioned letter-writing or Christmas card campaign? With our mailboxes filled with junk mail, a real-live letter can really lift the mood of:
    • Distant family relatives or someone who may be isolated because of covid.
    • Soldiers abroad.
    • Senior citizens in nursing homes who have no family
  • If the weather is reasonable, you could build snowmen or shovel the sidewalks on your street.
  • Sledding, friendly snowball fights, or forts are also a great way to get some exercise as well
  • Not enough snow?  Maybe a quick yard cleanup party could do the trick!

None of these sound good?  Are you getting “looks” and rolled eyes?  Here are 50 more things to spur some ideas. Have a pow-wow and pick out a couple! 

Don’t forget, though, when the power goes out, cleaning can be tough without electricity to see what to clean or run the vacuum.  Give us a call if you need some help getting caught back up and treat your family to a “day off” of chores.


Photo Credit: https://unsplash.com/@mparzuchowski

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